What engine oil the F1 car use?

The drivers may be the stars of the show, but Formula 1 is a highly complex sport in which success depends on the team, chassis, engine and driver all working in harmony to deliver the last thousandths of a second of performance. Here we take a look at the �anatomy� of the Castrol-backed BMW WilliamsF1 Team, deconstructing each of the elements that go into making it one of the most successful squads in the history of the sport.

BMW WilliamsF1 Team - Castrol
Ferrari - Shell ... I suppose

Just because we see F1 cars run so well, we are eager to find out the type and brand of oil that we could use for our own car.
Which is the best motor oil? What weight is the best for a modified car or highly tuned car?

Which oil should I use to:
-reduce fuel consumption
-increase milelage
-make engine more quiet
-accelerate faster

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